29 Private Members Club Wedding | Louisa and Louis

29 Private Members Club Wedding Photography | Louis & Louisa

You guys KNOW I love da CITY VIBEZZZZZ! 2017 had many a city wedding and I was at 29 Private Members Club, not once, not twice, not even 3 times....I was there 4 times in the space of 8 weeks and it was fantastic. If you like a venue, it's no problem. 

This time, I was there for Louis and Louisas wedding. I met up with them exactly a year before their wedding where we chilled in the 29 bar and got to know each other. One thing that is consistent with all my couples is that they're all super easy to talk to. More often than not the wedding isn't even mentioned until a good while into the conversation. 

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St Lukes Glasgow Wedding Photographer | David & Suzy

St Luke Glasgow City Wedding | David and Suzy

Ok people!, Get comfy cos this is a goody. If you want mean and moody and huge landscapes, then you're in the wrong place. If you want genuine heartfelt love and laughter...then take a seat. 

Suzy and David got in touch about 2 years before their wedding. From the initial email, to meeting up for a coffee and chat about their day, to the wedding and everything after...it has been a true honour to know them and be their wedding photographer. 2 of thee most loveliest and genuinely nice people I have ever met. The positivity is bursting out of them and you can 100% see this from their pictures. I don't think I've seen so many smiles in the one day. Their happiness is infectious and you could feel the love throughout every aspect of their wedding. 

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Pollokshields Burgh Hall Wedding | Megan and Shaun

Pollokshields Burgh Hall Wedding Photography


This was my first time at Pollokshields Burgh Hall and it was great! It's pretty much a DIY venue so you can style it in any way you like. 

Megan and Shauns wedding took me back to my own wedding day. One of my biggest fears was that I was going to cry a lot. I thought I wouldn't be able to get my words out and I'd be all red and snottery, but in my experience, it's not guys like me that end up that way. It's the football loving, manly men who work as plumbers or joiners and drink beer with the lads who end up blubbering their eyes out and personally...I love it when it happens. Us photographers

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29 Private Members Club Wedding Photography | Kathleen and Ryan

29 Private Members Club Glasgow | Kathleen and Ryan

Another wedding from 29 Private Members Club, another belter!

When you walk into bridal prep in the morning and everyone chats away to you as if they've known you for years, you get a cuddle off the brides mum, and the bridesmaids are piercing their own ears...you KNOW you're onto a winner.

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Loch Lomond Engagement | Ben Lomond | Rachel and Kyle

Scottish Engagement Shoot | Ben Lomond Wedding Photographer

Being a wedding photographer means you get to share a lot of personal experiences with a lot of people. You have to form a connection very quickly and it's critical that people can relax around you. Taking the photographs is one thing, but there's more to it than just clicking the shutter button. 

On this occasion, forming the connection was a piece of cake as Kyle and Rachel are friends of mine. They are getting married next year in sunny Mexico but wanted a shoot here in Scotland. We decided on heading up Ben Lomond for a short walk and take in some stunning views. We timed it for early afternoon so we could catch some of that juicy golden light. 

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Glasgow West End Cottiers Wedding | Ross and Nicola

Glasgow West End Cottiers Wedding | Ross and Nicola

2017 has been the year of City weddings for me...and I have loved it. There's something about the architecture, the atmosphere, the hustle and bustle that makes weddings in the city that little bit more exciting. 

Nic and Ross got in touch in late 2016 and from the first email, I knew they were my kinda people. They travelled up from London to their home town and got hitched in the wonderful Cottiers Theatre. As always, it delivered. It was a rainy day (in July for goodness sake) but we were lucky enough to get a break in the rain, right after the ceremony allowing us to take a wander around Glasgows West End. 

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Lochside House Hotel Wedding | Ian and Jennifer

Lochside Hotel Wedding Photographer | Ian and Jennifer


We're have way through 2017 and I am literally drowning in amazing weddings. There's been so many outstanding weddings that I am struggling to keep up with them. I want to blog them all. I have plenty more to show you folks. 

Today, we have the amazing Ian and Jennifer. THEEEE most laid back folks ever. Jennifer was dancing around in her bridal suite before the wedding, laughing and smiling the whole time. Ian was super cool and being an absolute gent the whole day. This was a fun one. 

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One Devonshire Gardens Wedding | Greg and Anna

Glasgow City Centre Wedding | One Devonshire Gardens Wedding Photographer

I've often found that last minute bookings can turn out to be the best weddings. Anna and Greg got in touch with me about a month before their wedding. I was fully booked and as wedding season begins to kick in, the stress was building BUT my gut feeling was that this wedding was going to be awesome. 

I checked my diary and as it happens, I had their date available. Cut to a month later and I'm having the best time with Anna and Greg and 15 of their family at St Leos the Great and One Devonshire Gardens. It was so chilled and easy. I was welcomed with smiles and instantly felt relaxed. 

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Sarah and Robert | Airth Castle Wedding Photographer

t was an absolute pleasure being Sarah and Robert's wedding photographer at Airth Castle. It was my first time shooting there and I was not disappointed. We were spoiled with some amazing autumn colours and that juicy golden light that we photographers love. 

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