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Here’s me, looking like Sean from Coronation Street (I get told this at every single wedding) having a good time at a wedding. The bride took this photo and I think this one photo of me sums up my approach pretty well. Weddings are about celebrating and having a good time with your friends and family. Why shouldn’t your photographer fit right in with that. I’m there all day so lets enjoy it together!

I used to have a really long bio that told you my journey from birth till now. It was boring, it’s still boring but easier to get through. Here's the highlights:
- I love photography (obv) and especially wedding photography. I’m completely exclusive to photographing weddings, they are my life!
- I shot my first wedding with absolutely no experience. (don't worry, that was in 2011 and now I have LOADSA experience)
- I'm 36 years old and became a dad for the first time in January 2019. Her name is Imogen and she is a wee cookie bun.
- I live in Hamilton, just outside Glasgow. 
- I got married in July 2016 and this experience gave me a whole new perspective. I fully understand how important these photographs are. 
- I'm a workaholic.
- I'm a big music fan. I played in bands for 10 years and loved it! I love heavy metal but definitely mellowed in my old age.
- My wife, Jennifer, makes fun of me because I'm a sucker for love. Being around people in love is amazing. It's probably what makes me enjoy weddings so much.

Basically, I'm a pretty normal guy who wants to photograph your wedding 😍

My wife, Jennifer, and I freshly married.

My wife, Jennifer, and I freshly married.

The freedom to capture expressions and moments on one of the happiest days of peoples lives is truly an amazing experience and one that I hope to do for a very long time.