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Everyone tells me they hate getting their picture taken. I love to change that. 

There are many different styles of photographers and I believe it's extremely important that when you choose your photographer, you should feel complete trust that the style and the vibe of work they do, fits in with what you want. That's not to say a photographer won't alter their style at times, but ultimately, a photographers personality can't help but shine through in their work. Over the years I've developed a certain look and feel in my images (by complete accident) that means I always work with people who feel like I'm the perfect photographer for them and they are invested in their photography. 

My aim with every wedding I do, is to get images that will allow you to instantly re-live a moment. To look back and remember the day. When you see an image, you remember what had just happened or what someone had just said. It's a very enthusiastic style but relaxed. It's simple and easy. Its happy and fun. I often blend into the background, take charge when needed, laugh with your guests and I will definitely flirt with your mum.

I ask for very little...

When I meet up with my couples, I don't bring anything with me. No albums, questionnaires, pens n paper. One of the main reasons I love this job so much is that I get to, essentially, be a guest at peoples weddings and experience being part of it. AlI I want is to get to know you and on the day for you guys to relax, don't over think anything, forget about the camera and just enjoy yourselves. I'll potter about and document the day in a creative way.

I'm lucky that I have such amazing couples contact me. They tend to be happy relaxed people, like me, and see the value and importance of good photography. 

I love hearing about wedding ideas, family dynamics and if you're having a dog at your wedding then we're off to a flying start. 

My diary is full for 2019 weddings, and I am now taking 2020 bookings. 

I would love to hear from you and about your wedding plans, ping me an email by filling out the Contact Form