Pamela and Reilly - Intimate Scottish Wedding

This is definitely on the list of my favourite weddings I have ever photographed. A small intimate family wedding.  There's something about smaller weddings that always raise the level of emotion. 

I've known Pam for a long time. She moved to Australia around 10 years ago and finally settled in New Zealand, where she met Reilly. They were coming over for her brothers wedding (which I also photographed) and made the most of her trip back to Scotland by getting married with her closest friends and family. 

Reilly is originally from South Africa but moved to NZ and although his family were unable to make it to Scotland from NZ, some of his South African family came over and skyped the entire wedding where his family in NZ dressed up in their finest attire and got up at  5am to see the wedding.

You can clearly see how in love Pam and Reilly are. It was a really emotional day and I absolutely loved witnessing their marriage. 

Enjoy x