Archie - Newborn and Lifestyle Family Photography

Not sure I've ever blogged anything but my wedding photography. For the last 4 years I have pretty much focused completely on Weddings. I never wanted to be a "jack of all" photographer and focused everything on wedding photography. 

I found that a lot of my wedding couples would come back to me when they started a family and I was always happy to oblige but I never made a big deal about promoting myself as a family photographer. Truth be told when I first picked up a camera, it was families and newborns that gave me chance to improve my skills, but after my first wedding photography job, I was hooked and focused everything on being a better wedding photographer.

I am happy to say that I will now be blogging more of my lifestyle shoots and if you want to be part of that...get in touch here and lets's set up a shoot or to see more of my lifestyle work, click here

So here is my first Family blog!! Starring Archie, who was around 15 weeks old when we did this shoot back in August. He's a super cool lil' guy and is full of life and personality. He sat like a champ and is ridiculously photogenic, look at those eyes for goodness sake! It's fair to say this was awesome and I'm lucky to have people like Jillian and Gavin who were happy to get in on the action and go with the flow. I approached this shoot much like any wedding and kept it as natural as possible.

So ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you...Archie.