Loch Lomond Wedding Photographer | Ross Priory | Mark and Kirstin

I've been really excited to blog this wedding since the second I got home after spending the day with this fantastic couple.
I can admit that sometimes a wedding can seem as though its just something that is part of peoples lives. We are born, we go to school, get a job, meet someone, GET MARRIED, have a baby, grow old and then snuff it. I know that's a pretty simplistic and actually quite a bad way to sum up life but you know what I mean. Basically, some people get married because it's just part of life and in their minds is just something that needs to be done and others marry because they want to celebrate a bond and everlasting partnership with someone they love so much and want to grow old with.

I'm pleased to say that Mark and Kirstin got married for the latter of those reasons and held a beautiful intimate wedding at Ross Priory, Loch Lomond on an absolute gorgeous day in May. Now, I do enjoy a nice classy venue and even blogged about the importance of choosing a venue that is right for you (read it here) but this venue was so stunning that I think anyone within an hours radius of Ross Priory should go and check it out. Located off the beaten track and in its own gorgeous grounds, Ross Priory ticks all the boxes. Gorgeous bridal prep rooms, nice and bright ceremony room looking out over Loch Lomond, insane private grounds and the external of the building itself is pretty impressive. To say I enjoyed shooting here is an understatement, it was awesome! 

Kirstin and Mark met at work and were close friends before taking their relationship to the next level and, to quote 90's US teenage tv shows, "going steady" (OMG!).  Mark liked it so he put a ring on it (Que Beyonce) and they held a beautiful intimate ceremony in front of their nearest and dearest. Watching Mark and Kirstin together makes you want to tell everyone you love them, they are infectious and great to be around.  

Kirstin looked amazing in a stunning dress from Sarah Louise Bridal and Mark looked the dapper gent in a classy grey kilt from Houston Kiltmakers. Kirstins backing dancers (still using the Beyonce thing) were beautiful (and hilarious) in coral dresses from Nuova Vita. 

Topping it all off with beautiful make up by Eye Adore U (clever) and hair by Natasha Dardas

A special shout out to Florette of Paisley for the absolute gorgeous bridal flower bouquets and Suzanne Esper Cakes for a totally amazing cake (Look out for the cake topper).

You have waited long enough, here are the highlights from The Wakefields...