Meet The Supplier - Three Sisters Bake

Welcome to the first in the "Meet Your Supplier" series. I wanted to interview some of my friends in the wedding industry to try and help you guys prepare for when it comes to meeting suppliers to make things easier for both you and them. 

There is so much choice nowadays. Almost nothing is too much or too little, too big or too small. It's very easy to be pulled in lots of different directions and if you are a Pinterest'll know what I'm talking about. If I go on Pinterest on a Monday morning at 9am you can be assured that by 5pm I have 60 new boards ranging from whatever I was looking for initially to boards about interior design, storage hacks and smoothy recipes. It's a valuable tool but you can get lost in there. 

I wanted the first in the series to be a tasty one. I wanted to serve you up a slice of something delicious. I want to give you tiers of information leaving you hungry for more. I am dying to add more puns into this but it's getting a little sweet for my liking (one more) so the first in the Series is the wonderful Three Sisters Bake...I asked them some questions that may help you prepare for a meeting with your cake supplier. Interviewing them was a piece of cake (I can't help myself).

Hope you enjoy. Take notes. 

1. Hiya!!! Before we get into the tasty conversation of cake!!! (excuse the pun) tell my readers who you are, what you do (clue was in the pun) and why you are so amazing!

Hello!! Lovely to meet you all!
We are three sisters who run a café, events and catering business together, based just outside Glasgow. We go by Three Sisters Bake. We established the business five years ago, but have been creating wedding cakes for more like seven years.

What began as a tiny cake business from our home kitchen, has grown lots of different arms, many of which keep us busy in the wedding industry! We and our ever expanding business family still bake wedding cakes, but are also involved in wedding coordination, venues and

2. So i’m sure you agree, most people love a slice of cake... I personally love a good ol’ classic jam sponge. In terms of wedding cakes, is anything possible? Do people go for home baking classics or is it all about the tough long lasting fruit stuff we’re all too used to?

One of our very most popular cakes is the three tiered naked Victoria sponge, so you’re in good company! Our cake tables are most representative of the TSB brand though- this allows for a selection of six or seven different flavours and style of cakes and traybakes! Lots of choice and perfect if you’d like your cake to really make a statement (and you’re a wee bit indecisive!) There's more information about our cake tables here.

3. Admittedly, my fiance is handling the cake preparations for our wedding later this year so i have no idea how to get started thinking about wedding cakes. What should a couple do to prepare for a meeting with a wedding cake maker? What can they do to help the maker understand their needs and wants?

The best research to do is have a good scour around Pinterest (be stron, stick to the plan) and the internet for looks and feels you love and that fit with your weddings overarching theme. If you show our head baker a few images of cakes that you’ve fallen for, she can point you to something similar from our range.
We have a big gallery of cake shots on our website, so it’s always super simple if our couples have identified some faves from our own selection before their consultation too!

4. If you had to give a couple 1 piece of advice regarding their cake, what advice would you give them?

Go for something that you’ll talk about or remember for years to come, something delicious, NOT something you think other people expect you to have or is safe. That goes for all aspects of your wedding day- it is YOUR day. You will never please all of the people all of the time. Putting together a menu for 100+ people can be tricky and stressful- if you are both happy and excited about your choices, you’ve done everything right.


5. What is a huge NO NO when it comes to wedding cakes. What would you advise against?

Don’t under provide!!!! Be generous with your cake. Gone are the days of a pile of fruit cake sitting untouched in a corner of the evening buffet! If you plan to use your cake/cake table in place of dessert, especially, be sure to chat to your caterer about the quantity required to ensure all your guests have enough! More is best!

6. Is the cake something that can be done last minute or is it something couples should tick off the list early on?

It’s certainly one that can be left a little later, after you’ve sorted venue, band and photographer. Always best to get in touch as early as possible though to avoid potential disappointment if your cake supplier is in high demand, especially in peak wedding season.


7. How does it work on the day? If I was getting married far away from your bakery, do i need to pick the cake up myself and take it with me to the venue? Do you guys deliver it?

We deliver to your venue* and set your cake up in place. We are all about your wedding day being as simple as it can possibly be. There’s enough to be done the day before your wedding/on the morning to worry about cake!

*within central Scotland

three sisters bake

Thank you so much to Three Sisters Bake for helping us make things easier when it comes to thinking about what is right for our weddings. 

Visit the website here and have a look through their delicious range of wedding cakes. 


Special thanks to my friends at One Big Picture Photography for the awesome cake images.