Mauritius Wedding Photographer

What do wedding photographers do when they're on their honeymoon? Take pictures of course! I couldn't help myself. My wife and I could not have picked a better place to go after the stress of our wedding. ***Side note - I fully understand how all my couples feel now that I have experienced the whole process. It's changed the way I approach weddings forever***

I tried my best not take pictures, but look at the place!!!! Its beautiful! Amazing weather, white sand and crystal clear waters (watch out for those sea urchins though, they're everywhere!)

We stayed at the Maritim Hotel in Balaclava. I've never felt more comfortable in a hotel. The place is welcoming and clean. The food is gorgeous and diverse and the people of Mauritius are some of the most pleasant people I have ever had the pleasure to be around. 

Mauritius will forever be in my heart, my wife and I hope to head back there soon but for now....we'll have to keep our memories and these pictures.