Lochside House Hotel Wedding | Ian and Jennifer

We're half way through 2017 and I am literally drowning in amazing weddings. There's been so many outstanding weddings that I am struggling to keep up with them. I want to blog them all. I have plenty more to show you folks. 

Today, we have the amazing Ian and Jennifer. THEEEE most laid back folks ever. Jennifer was dancing around in her bridal suite before the wedding, laughing and smiling the whole time. Ian was super cool and being an absolute gent the whole day. This was a fun one. 

The weather at Lochside House Hotel was insane with grey miserable skies in the morning, beautiful blue skies in the afternoon and a full on monsoon after dinner but we still got everything we needed. 

Everyone was amazing, we laughed a lot, the speeches were hilarious. 

Thank you so much to Ian and Jennifer for having me as your photographer. 

Ladies and Gentleman, the new Mr and Mrs Stew....Fraser!!!!! ;)