Crossbasket Castle Wedding | Mark and Scott

Crossbasket Castle Photographer | Glasgow, Scotland.

"Ross, Thank you SO SO much! We really couldn’t be happier with these. They are amazing!"

Every time I get an enquiry through for Crossbasket Castle, I am frantically searching my calendar and hoping I am available on the date. Not just because it's 10 minutes down the road from me but because it's an absolutely stunning venue and after my very first wedding there, I was hooked. So when Mark and Scott got in touch and asked me to be their photographer, I jumped on board!

Scott is from Scotland and Mark is from Markland....I mean England (bad joke). They live in London but made the trip along with loads of pals to celebrate Scotland style...which means celebrating in the cold. About 8 weeks after their wedding, the lucky buggers jetted off to start a new life in New York after Mark got a new shamncy job cos he's a super smart guy (not jealous...yes I am) so maybe a wee blast of Scottish winter made the move that much easier.

What you will see below is a bunch of awesome people ready to party and a feeling of pure and utter happiness. The best feeling when turning up to a wedding is when you walk in and everyone is chatting and laughing, the bottles of Champagne are already open (at 9am - YAS!) and you can feel the love from the word go. This is exactly what it was like and Scotts Groomsmaids had us laughing all day. 

Thank you to The Coleman-Allans for letting me play a part in their special day and all the best for your new life in The Big Apple.