Pollokshields Burgh Hall Wedding | Megan and Shaun

This was my first time at Pollokshields Burgh Hall and it was great! It's pretty much a DIY venue so you can style it in any way you like. 

Megan and Shauns wedding took me back to my own wedding day. One of my biggest fears was that I was going to cry a lot. I thought I wouldn't be able to get my words out and I'd be all red and snottery, but in my experience, it's not guys like me that end up that way. It's the football loving, manly men who work as plumbers or joiners and drink beer with the lads who end up blubbering their eyes out and personally...I love it when it happens. Us photographers love when people show emotion and this was one one of those weddings. 

It fun day. The sun had his hat on all day, the guest were outside enjoying some wine in the sun. Shaun was mingling and greeting their guests. Megan arrived looking a million bucks and apart from kicking over a lantern as she walked down the aisle, everything was great. Shaun was doing good. Les Grey (the humanist) was telling us how they got together and everyone laughed and "awww'd", it was lovely. Then it was time to say some nice thing about them as individuals, as nice things were said about Shaun, the face got a bit flushed, and the tears flowd like the Amazon River. Afterwars, I asked Shaun if he was an emotional guy and he said he is totally fine normally but if someone says anything nice about him, he can't handle it and I thought that was just amazing. I won't need to tell you what happened during the speeches but they had to put wet floor signs down for health and safety reason :) 

Megan and Shaun, you guys were great. So chilled and up for anything. An awesome couple, thanks for having me :)