St Lukes Glasgow Wedding Photographer | David & Suzy

Ok people!, Get comfy cos this is a goody. If you want genuine heartfelt love, happiness and laughter...then take a seat. 

Suzy and David got in touch about 2 years before their wedding. From the initial email, to meeting up for a coffee and chat about their day, to the wedding and everything has been a true honour to know them and be their wedding photographer. 2 of thee most loveliest and genuinely nice people I have ever met. The positivity is bursting out of them and you can 100% see this from their pictures. I don't think I've seen so many smiles in the one day. Their happiness is infectious and you could feel the love throughout every aspect of their wedding. 

There was one part of the day that was EXTRA special..and that was a short detour on the way to the reception to see Suzy's gran in hospital. Her Pa also couldn't make the wedding so was picked up and taken to the hospital where they spent a few minutes together. She had no idea Suzy and David were going to make an appearance and I used up all my man points trying not to burst out crying when she saw them walk into the room. It was beautiful and I know how much the pictures we took there mean to all the family. 

This was certainly a highlight of the year. 2017 was full of city weddings and it was cool to wander around the good ol' Barras this time. Strap yourselves in people and prepare to smile along with The McFalls. 


Make up: Make Up @ Home
Hair: Nicola De La Mare
Dress: Kudos
Flowers : Natalie Dalziel Flowers